Help with Identifying a component (or alternative)

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Help with Identifying a component (or alternative)

Post by 600rob » Mon May 14, 2018 3:00 pm

Hi folks,

The digital display on my motorcycle recently failed. ( the display powers up and the back light comes on but none of the readings display)
After researching on a bike related forum the issue is due to corrosion on the circuit board which can be resolved by a clean up in lucky cases or a replacement of damaged components in bad cases

In my case the clean up did not work. I believe i have located the parts in question but not being an electronics expert i'm having trouble identifying them and working out what suitable replacements I need to buy.

From what I understand the parts are surface mount diodes.
I have inspected the parts with a magnifying glass and can see the following item number in the following format marked on the top of each item:


I've searched online and can find anything that matches this part number. Unfortunately i'm not able to find out the manufacturer.

The guys on the bike forum have said that its a general purpose diode with around a 1 amp capability which does not need to be fast switching or high voltage. I've attached a pic below showing one of the components. ( the other one has already been removed)

Is anyone able to help me identify the part and advise me on some replacement or alternate parts that i can get hold of in the UK from somewhere like RS so i can try and repair the board?
I dont mind if its not the exact same part, just something that will do the job ( if that's possible)


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Re: Help with Identifying a component (or alternative)

Post by David » Thu May 17, 2018 8:58 am

The 1N4001 range of diodes should be OK. the 1N4001 has a current rating of 1A and a voltage rating of 50v. It is readily available. However, it is a wire-ended device, but you should be able to bend the wires and solder it in place. Take care with polarity! I think SMD versions are available. Hope this helps.

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