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P551/2 Connectors

From Left: P552 Plug, P551 Socket


A mains rated (6A) 8 pole connector commonly used in lighting applications. It is keyed so it can only be inserted one way around. Both the plug and the socket can be live when un-mated, so the connector can be used for mains input and output, e.g. daisy-chaining disco light boxes to one controller. A newer 10A range is available including a line socket and panel plug.

Typical Applications

Disco and Stage lighting (up to 5 live + 2 neutral + earth).

Any other application requiring a multi-pole mains connector.

Pin Assignments

For disco and stage lighting, the standard pin assignments are:

Pin Arrangements of P551/P552 Connector

Pin 1 (centre): Earth
Pin 2: Channel 1
Pin 3: Channel 2
Pin 4: Channel 3
Pin 5: Channel 4
Pin 6: Not used, or permanent live
Pins 7 & 8: Neutral (connected together at plug & socket)

Note that multicore cable used to connect P552 Plugs MUST have a larger neutral wire, since this takes the load for all 4 channels. Each pin in the connector is rated at 6 amps, the neutral is shared between pins 7 and 8 to give 12A capacity. THE TOTAL LOAD ON ALL LIVE CONDUCTORS MUST NOT EXCEED THE RATING OF THE NEUTRAL CODUCTOR.

Connector Assembly Instructions

The plug has solder or screw terminals. Ensure the cable is clamped under the cord grip - the entry hole is big enough for several mains cables or one 7 core cable. The cover screws on after the wiring is complete. The panel socket has solder terminals.

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