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IEC Connectors

IEC Chassis Plug & Line Socket


Mains input/output connector used on most equipment. 2-pin and 3-pin versions are available, as well as heat resistant versions for use on kettles etc. These have an extra cut-out below the earth pin to prevent mating with non heat resistant connector. Both chassis and line mounting plugs and sockets are available, so that they can be used for power input and output to equipment. Chassis plugs are also available with built-in fuses and switches. The plug MUST NOT be live when un-mated. Ideal for use on home-built projects; they are safer since straining the lead will pull the plug out rather than damaging the connections. The mains lead can also be easily swapped for use in different countries, but check before doing this that the equipment can operate on the voltage available.

Typical Applications

Kitchen appliances - kettle, fryers etc (heat resistant version)

Computers, photocopiers, faxes etc. (normal 3 pin version)

Hi-Fi equipment (sometimes uses 2 pin version)

Other applications requiring mains input or output connectors

Pin Assignments

Please ensure you understand the terms 'plug', 'socket', 'male' & 'female' used on this site. 'Plug' refers to the male connector, this being the part with the exposed pins, either on the end of a cable or panel-mounted. 'Socket' refers to the female part, again cable or panel mounted, into which the male connector fits. For example an IEC mains input to a computer has the male (plug) fixed to the computer and the female (socket) on the mains lead, since the exposed pins of the male part must never be live when un-mated. Please contact me if in any doubt.

Viewing a socket (line or chassis) from the front, i.e. the side that the plug fits into, the connections are:

IEC Plug (Left) and Socket (Right) showing pin assignments
  • Left Pin: Neutral
  • Centre Pin: Earth
  • Right Pin: Live

Connector Assembly Instructions

Line Connectors:

Normally screw terminals. Ensure that the outer sheath of the flex is held under the cable clamp. If the connector has a strain relief sleeve, make sure you thread it onto the cable before you make the connections.

Chassis Connectors:

These are normally solder terminals or fast-on tabs, but are available with screw connections. Remember that if the connector bolts to the panel then the bolts should be earthed. (This is a convenient point to earth the panel, put a solder tag under one of the bolts.)

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