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FCC68 / RJxx Series Connectors

FC68 Connectors From Left: Plug, Socket


Flat plastic connector (normally clear plastic plug) with latch on one side. Available in 4, 6 and 8-way shells, the 6-way type is also available with only 4 pins fitted. The plug latches into the socket and the tab on the side of the plug is squeezed to release it. Used on computer networks and telephones. Similar in appearance to BT telephone plugs (UK).

Typical Applications

4-way shell, 4-pin - Telephone handsets (UK)

6-way shell, 4-pin (RJ11) - Telephone line connections (USA), Modems

8-way shell, 8-pin (RJ45) - 10Base-T and 100Base-TX Computer Networks

Pin Assignments

10Base-T / 100Base-TX Network Connections (Computer End):

FC68 / RJ45 Pin Numbering
Pin Function Cable Colour
1 Transmit Data + White / Orange Stripe
2 Transmit Data - Orange
3 Receive Data + White / Green Stripe
4 Unused Blue
5 Unused White / Blue Stripe
6 Receive Data - Green
7 Unused White / Brown Stripe
8 Unused Brown

More pin-outs coming soon.

Connector Assembly Instructions


Normally have IDC terminals. To assemble these, the sheath is stripped from the cable and the cores inserted into the channels in the plug. A crimping tool or die is then needed to push the pins flush, piercing the insulation and making contact with the conductors. The tool will also push the cable clamp down onto the sheath.


PCB mounting sockets are soldered to the PCB, extra pins may be provided to secure the component. Wall mounting sockets have IDC terminals. An insertion tool is needed to push the cable cores into the terminals. Doing so will pierce the insulation and make the connection.

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