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Phono (RCA) Connectors

From Left: Line Plug, Chassis Socket


2-pole connector used for audio and video applications. They are designed such that the centre pin carrying the signal is enclosed by the outer ground connection to maintain the screening. Note that a phono connector only carries one audio channel - stereo applications use one connector for the left and one for the right channel. Also used in other applications.

Typical Applications

Hi-Fi - Interconnecting separates

Disco / Professional equipment - connections between equipment.

Composite and component video

Other miscellaneous applications

Pin Assignments

Connections for phono connectors in audio applications are:

Centre Pin: Signal (connect to insulated wire in audio cable)

Outer Shield: Ground (connect to screen in audio cable)

Note that other applications may use different connections.

Connector Assembly Instructions

Plugs and Line Sockets

Normally solder terminals. Remember to thread the cover onto the cable before soldering. Squeeze the cable clamp shut with pliers AFTER soldering, otherwise the heat will melt the insulation.

Panel Sockets:

Assemble to the panel, including the solder tag. Connect the screen to this tag, and the signal wire to the terminal on the back of the socket.

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