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This section contains interactive calculators for resistor colour codes, ohms law, potential dividers and more, designed to simplify common calculations and teach basic electronic theory. An explanation of the theory can be found in the data archive.

If you find these calculators useful you might want to download Electronics Assistant which combines most of these  and more in a user-friendly windows-based program. See the download page for more information. The latest calculators here will be included in the next version of Electronics Assistant.

Note: All results are rounded to 3 decimal places. Multiplier suffixes such as M for meg, u for micro etc. are appended to the results and shown in the results boxes where appropriate.

If you have any suggestions for other caculators that should be added here then please contact me.

If you find these calulators useful you should try Electronics Assistant!

Electronics Assistant
  • All the online calculators and more in a stand-alone application
  • Converts Resistor & Inductor colour codes, calculates LED series resistors, capacitance units, series / parallel resistors & capacitors, frequency, reactance & more
  • Calculation of nearest preferred resistor values with a choice of 5 series from E12 to E192
  • Print & save calculation results