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Connector & Component Pin-outs

This section contains pin-out diagrams for connectors and components. Select from the index below to see a description, pin assignments, examples of common uses and assembly instructions.

The index is not yet complete, and any items in black do not yet link to anything. If you can't find what you require check back soon, as this section will be built up gradually, or contact me.


There has previously been some confusion regarding the terms 'Plug' and 'Socket' used in this section. To clarify, 'Plug' refers to the male connector, the part with the exposed pins, either on the end of a cable or panel-mounted. 'Socket' refers to the female part, again cable or panel mounted, into which the male connector fits. For example an IEC mains input to a computer has the male (plug) fixed to the computer and the female (socket) on the mains lead, since the exposed pins of the male part must never be live when un-mated. Please contact me if in any doubt.