Nixie Clock casing design

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Nixie Clock casing design

Post by dimasua » Sun Apr 18, 2021 10:34 am

Hej All, I'm trying to build my own nixie clock, similar to the clocks here: but with different nixie tubes, perhaps the smallest nixies - IN-12 tubes. They are just 15mm in diameter. I foresee no issues with its schematic and PCB, but a casing for the nixie clock seems to me a challenge. Should it be classical or modern, completely wooden or mixed with some brass? I would appreciate if you can share your ideas or give some examples. Thanks!
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Pico Angstrom
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Re: Nixie Clock casing design

Post by Pico Angstrom » Mon Nov 08, 2021 4:22 pm

Fair warning, I'm a bit of a retro fan.

My suggestion would be to visit second hand shops, charity stores and similar sellers to find an item from the 50s or 60s that could be converted/perverted to your case - preferably something in Bakelite, enameled steel or brushed aluminum.

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