Alternate forward/reverse pulses from single push-button

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Alternate forward/reverse pulses from single push-button

Post by Deltech » Thu Feb 18, 2021 8:55 am

The following would be to use instead of a spring-to-centre toggle switch (which I don't like).

I would like (if at all possible) to use a single push-button, which when pressed will send a short forward(?) pulse, and when pressed again will send a short reverse(?) pulse.

The final unit downstream requires short pulses, NOT constant signal.

This would be either by the push-button having 3 (or more?) pins for common(?), forward(?), and reverse(?), so that alternate presses would send forward/reverse pulses (if such a push-button is available, which I doubt);


it having only 2 pins, which would send a pulse to some an intermediate component/circuit, which in turn would send forward/reverse pulses downstream on alternate presses of the push-button.

Is such an idea possible, and if so, what other components would I require.


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Re: Alternate forward/reverse pulses from single push-button

Post by David » Mon Feb 22, 2021 11:16 am

Your request seems reasonably easy to do, but there are many things which need to be specified first.
Do you want to send mains pulses, or (say)12V pulses? Any difficulty if you need a spare pulse (i.e. two or more sequential pulses of the same polarity? Any long distance between push button and device? Are you competent to draw up a diagram and make up a test device and trouble shoot it? Why not use two pushbuttons closely spaced, using 1st and 2nd fingers from one hand? Have you got any ideas for making up the device?
Can you be a bit more explicit about your own ideas, and what you want to make.

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