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cross validation in matlab

Posted: Thu Dec 03, 2009 8:54 am
by haik4096
Hello Friends

I want to know how can I use the crossvalind file included
in the Bioinformatics toolbox.
I have my dataset that was classified with a different
algorithm, I just to validate my results with 10-fold cross
validation and/or leave-one-out.

I have 5 classes and my algorithm returns the degree of
membership for each instance. Therefore, the input data to
the 10-fold cross validation are N instances and 5 classes
(not features but degrees of membership since data have been
already classified).

The crossvalind.m file calls classify.m (stats toolbox). I
can modify the classify code to get the confusion matrix,
but when I enter the data, I get this error message: The
pooled covariance matrix of TRAINING must be positive definite.

What should I do?
:?: :|