Help identifying components

Need help with a project? Trying to find a component? Post any general technical questions here.
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Help identifying components

Post by michaelh » Thu Sep 06, 2018 2:47 pm

Hi new member here needing some help,

I have a project to make where I need to copy some of the electronic components but am having trouble sourcing them, ive used an online resistor calculator and got the following

2.2 ohm 5% - I found these on RS and CPC
460 ohm 1% - Can not find any where that stocks these
For the diode im guessing I just match the code printed on the side?

Thanks Mike
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Re: Help identifying components

Post by David » Fri Sep 07, 2018 11:50 am

You are slightly in error with the resistors. I suggest you have a look at the Calculators tab at the top LHS of this page - it has a good set of easy to use calculators for passive devices.

For the res with three red colours, this is read from R to L when looking at your photo. the first red represents 2, the second 2, and the third red represents the number of zeros after the first two 2s. The value is thus (2)(2)(00), i.e. 2.2 Kilohms. The gold band indicates a tolerance of 5%.

The second res (as far as I can judge, because I am not certain about the colours) should be read L to R as yellow (4), violet (7), black (0), black (no more zeros), brown 1% tolerance. Hence 470 ohms. This figure is in the standard series and will be available everywhere.

The common 4 band code is to indicate a two sig fig value, and the 5 band three sig figs. It would not be a bad idea to buy or borrow a cheap digital multimeter, and check with the ohms ranges.

I am slightly puzzled as to why one of the resistors has a tolerance as tight as 1%. It is not common to see these in connector-strip lash ups, and they are more expensive than those with a wider tolerance.

The diode should have an identification number (such as 1NXXXX) on the side, and that is the ID you need to get another one of the same.

With the demise of Maplin, retailers such as RS, Farnell and others (try Google) will sell these parts, but look out for small order surcharges, and postal charges.
Hope this helps.

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