Non electronics newbie help

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Non electronics newbie help

Post by markwarren » Mon Mar 24, 2014 5:19 pm


My first post on here so please be gentle.

I have an idea for a very specific project I would like to try and make but I am really not sure where to start - so I'll describe it.

I want to make an automatic target changer. The targets are made of a strip of light cardboard roughly 12" long by 1.5" high. Each strip has 5 individual targets on it at set distances apart.

I want to try and make a device that will, via a remote button press, feed a strip so the first target is located in the centre. On the next press the strip moves along so the next target comes to the centre and so on until all 5 targets have been shot on the 1st strip. I then need the next press to vacate the first strip and start the process all over again. Ideally I want it to work off batteries. I would be looking at putting through up to 20 strips in any one session. Fresh batteries each session are not a problem.

My thoughts are to have a simple spring fed hopper to the right of centre as you look at the target. This will have a couple of motors driving rubber rollers to feed the strips along. This is where the electronics bit comes in I think and where I can't even get started. I will then need some sort of roller on the left hand side of the centre to 'pull' the strip away into a receiving hopper.

I hope the above makes sense and would you kindly make any responses suitable for a 'Dummies Guide to electronics'. Any suggestions / advice will be gratefully accepted.



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Re: Non electronics newbie help

Post by Richard » Sat Mar 14, 2015 12:02 pm

This is quite a serious "starter" project. Why not try a low-tech, simple and cheap solution? Sellotape 20 strips together on their short edges, roll into a loose cylinder, and use a long string attached to one end to pull the strips round a couple of rollers. Remember William of Occam!

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