Problem with docking Roomba

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Problem with docking Roomba

Post by McIntyre » Fri Apr 22, 2022 1:20 pm

I have a problem with my Roomba 780, namely, it charges directly when plugged into the power supply, and stopped charging from the docking station.

I measured with a multimeter, the voltage on the power supply is 22V, and on the contacts of the station is about 2.8V

I read that it could be a problem with the socket in the Roomba (charging from the docking station is cut off due to a plugged power socket - because the Roomba thinks it is being charged from the charger), but I blew compressed air on the socket in the Roomba, sprayed it with wd40, bent the metal plate - no effect.

What else can I check, what could be the reason?

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