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Post by WYCHWAR » Sat May 26, 2018 8:07 pm

I have an old Selecta Power Pak which is virtually an electric motor. Universal AC/DC - Commutator and brushes. 7500rpm. No gears. This takes the place of an electric drill when used with a Selecta Homemaster woodworking tool.

I need to replace the mains wire connection which will entail also replacing some of the internal wiring. The insulation of which is perished and showing bare wire.
The information I am seeking is with regard to a unit which has three wires connecting it to earth neutral and live. I take it this is a suppressor.
It carries the following:-

0.025+2 x 0.005µF
250V AC
BSS 613
Type S.825x (cannot see missing digit)

Since originally writing this post the "suppressor" has shed part of the casing - the side with the details printed on. This revealed further information - "Type S.825x" - there appears to be an extra character on the part remaining. I do not wish to remove it from the motor casing as it may still be serviceable – I hope! Should a replacement not be obtainable.

Is it likely that such an item or an equivalent would still be available?

This is a reply from the same post on an alternative forum
“Sounds like a 3-capacitors-in-one-housing EMI suppressor as used in many domestic appliances which include a motor.
The 25µF cap would be an X-type connected directly between the two supply rails. The two 5µF caps would be Y-type, connected in series, the series combo being connected between the supply rails with the centre-tap of the combo being connected to ground”.

I have drawn out a schematic of the circuit connections - to help ensure that I rewire it correctly. Also have taken two photographs. No.1 shows the suppressor as located in the body of the tool. No.2 is of the broken off piece. These are attached to this post
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Unfortunately I am getting "file too large" when I try to attach the photographs

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Post by David » Sun May 27, 2018 8:00 pm

I agree with the reply from your alternative post. Just by your description, it could hardly be anything else! It certainly does not have anything to do with motor starting or running capacitors - Those would normally be of much greater capacitance. Google is the best place to find replacements. These suppressors are used in such great numbers that you should be able to find a supplier easily. Search for "AC line filter safety capacitors" or similar. You could also use three separate capacitors (wired as the alternative post) - but you MUST, MUST make sure that the wiring is safe, insulated, and the capacitors are of the proper safety X and Y types. Google will also tell you the reasons for their use.
Hope this helps.

BTW the filehippo website has a splendid program for reducing the size of images - and it's f.o.c.! You could then post pics - including one of the repaired item!

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