Fixing frequency of wireless camera

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Fixing frequency of wireless camera

Post by jdhorse » Thu May 08, 2008 11:04 pm

I bought a couple of mini-wireless cameras a bit like these: ... amera-kit/ and I've strapped them to an old RC car I've got. I've been getting some decent video from them driving around, but its not very stable, and is a pain to tune each time I take the receivers out.

What I was wondering was:

1) is there any way to 'hack' the camera to fix it to a particular frequency (and the reciever too)- the RC car and remote can be configured to a set frequency, can I do this with the camera? I was thinking something along the lines of dip switches on the camera(s) and on the reciever, and if they're both set the same, then the underlying frequency is the same (does that make sense?).
2) even better than fixing to an arbitary frequency - is there any way to hack the camera so it works as a wireless ethernet camera - and could stream the video across a 2.4GHz wireless network. Thinking would need an IC to encode the video stream, and an IC to do the networking bit - are these available? cheap? where to start?

I'm aware these are v. scatter-gun type questions - but I'm just starting out, and would welcome some pointers in the right direction. Once I get going, I'll hopefully have some more specific questions on particular components etc.

I have a reasonable budget and time (and yes I could just buy a wireless network webcam - but that isn't the point) - I want to see if I can buildmy own from a basic starting point.

Hope you can help.


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