I need a critical help in designing a magic toy

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I need a critical help in designing a magic toy

Post by salvazero » Thu Jan 12, 2017 1:21 pm

I want design this project for magic shows, and I would like to include this in the act.
How Can I design a circuit so I can make the ball move? I need to design circuit for it.

The wand will have the transmitter.
The ball will have the receiver in it.
I want to make it stop when the wand is less than 1 feet away and or plus 2+ feet away.
Start at 1-2 feet, spacing is not critical. Close is good enough. Parts I think I need.

The Wand
1. An adjustable transmitter
2. Battery The ball
1. A receiver
2. Motor-is not included in the circuit
3. Battery
4. Gears- is not included in the circuit

I need for you to advise me on what is the best way to make this magic toy. I just need the circuit without the motor or gears.
See the example

This is an example only

I need a correct circuit for it.

1. I need a transmitter to transmitter only at a distant of 1-2 feet only. I was told that I would need an adjustable transmitter and Receiver.
2. I will be removing the on and off switch in the ball and replacing it with the receiver, to tell it to come on or off. The receiver will open and close the circuit for the battery to activate the switch.

Can you supply me a schematic showing me the wires to connect and what type of transmitter and Receiver to buy and any other components that I might need to complete the circuit?
I want to know Schematic showing me the wires to connect and Parts I will need.


Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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Re: I need a critical help in designing a magic toy

Post by David » Sun Jan 15, 2017 1:49 pm

I was unable to open your pictures, but I assume that there is a receiver with battery and motor concealed inside the ball. When needed, the motor will be switched remotely and the ball will move.

Look on Amazon and Maplins for remote controls; you will need one where the transmitter can be disguised in the wand, and operated by a finger press. The receiver should have a changeover relay for the output. Cut one of the wires leading to the motor and connect one end to the common terminal of the relay. The other goes to the normally open contact. (Some experimentation may be necessary to get it to work exactly as you want.)

Hope this helps.

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