Help me identify this component?

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Help me identify this component?

Post by Darrenshan » Thu Jan 05, 2017 3:28 pm

Can anyone help me ID this component, please? and if possible where I can buy 1 (or 10!)

The item, as best that I can describe, is a switch actuator or housing for a micro switch.

The actuator is fastened to a desk and inside the desk, the micro switch sits inside the actuator so when the actuator is pressed, it presses the microswitch.

The key thing here is that I can remove the micro switch, complete with the associated equipment and leave the actuator in place, bolted to the desk.

I obviously could just fit a normal SPST switch to the desk but then I would have to unsolder the wires to the switch, or fit spade connectors and pull them off when I wanted to remove the equipment.
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Re: Help me identify this component?

Post by David » Sat Jan 07, 2017 12:36 pm

Hmmm ... I must say that I haven't come across anything just like this with a detachable microswitch. Presumably the actuator has to be fixed on the desktop? Could you use for example a reed switch inside with a bar magnet on top of the desk?

Google is the go-to place for out of the way things. Try searching for "key operated microswitches" - you may something to assist amidst the millions there are to choose from!

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