Removal/install of 28 pin DIL chips

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Removal/install of 28 pin DIL chips

Post by zamp » Wed Mar 05, 2008 10:07 pm

Hi.can anyone tell me what is involved in doing this job? is there any special tools required? i have talked to an electonics place and he seems to think that it needs to have all the pins heated at the same time and then withdrawn from the board,something that he cant do.This is the type of chip here

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Re: Removal/install of 28 pin DIL chips

Post by Simon (Webmaster) » Fri Mar 07, 2008 11:00 pm


It depends on the type of circuit board and the tools available. If the PCB is single sided this can be done by removing the solder from one pin at a time using a solder sucker until all pins are free. This can also work for doubled sided PCBs, but is more diffecult. A powered desoldering iron that heats the solder then sucks it away is more sucessful. Either way you need to ensure all the pins are free before trying to lift the IC; trying to prise it out will damage the PCB tracks. Certainly using a desoldering iron works, I've removed 40-pin DIL ICs this way before.

Another method is to cut all the IC pins near the body, remove the body the desolder the remaining pins one by one, but I have to admitr I've never tried it.

Either way when you get it out consider fitting a socket for the new IC!

Good luck.
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